Dating or meeting to explore – expand your horizon
– Most light heated, no expectations, no pressure, no string attached

You don’t have to be ready for a relationship

No certainty needed, no need to have a goal

You don’t have to look for a partner

You don’t have to know what you want

Marriage is not an option but it’s nice to have new friends and grow

You have no clue what you can afford emotionally at this stage but it is nice to explore

You may only want to find out and understand yourself.

You may want to discover life and other people around

You may be occupied with other things in life but would like to mingle for a change

You can be confused about what you are doing and would like to seek options

You can be tired of emotional commitment and would like to go with a different flow

You enjoy your personal space, but would like an occasional companionship

You have tried dating for serious outcome, would like to explore a different approach